Case Studies


An organization manufacturing hardware for scanners and antennas had a handheld bluetooth device that was used by field engineers to test signal strengths in buildings. They would record the signal strength for various protocols, bands, frequencies and channels and then run a report which would be sent to building owners or the jurisdiction via email. The problem here was that for all reports, the setup (bands, frequencies, etc.) used for the test would reside in individual devices or systems. There was a need to streamline the process in order to consolidate the data and have a unified data visualization platform.

Reframing the Problem

We quickly realized that the issue was not just one of reporting and analyzing, but also of setting up the tests themselves. We decided this was more about creating a central system to integrate the handheld devices, rather than just fixing the results. We needed something that would enable the organization to create profiles for their customers (Service Providers) to create tests, track reports and who in turn could create profiles and share with their end customers (Building Owners or Jurisdictions).

Our approach

We encouraged our client to look at the solution from every angle. Both we and the client worked towards learning and gathering information to make collective decisions at regular intervals. We also realized that we could turn this approach into a new revenue stream for the client organization, which excited our teams to continually explore new ways to better the process. We created bespoke layers of calculations to enable the offering to go beyond its original purpose and broaden its ability to provide snapshots about building locations and test status.

The skills we brought to the table

We used our abilities to extract XML data stored in the database and transform it into a more user-friendly format in the frontend. We also created a mindset of the importance of data at every stage in the process, and generated reports of all the raw test data available with the actual test status. We leveraged our expertise in .Net to create an application that could process XML documents and create an insightful dashboard powered by Angular technology.