Case Studies


The concept backing the app is to allow people working across several geographies to keep track of their time in different states in the United States in order to manage their tax responsibilities in a simple and efficient manner. When it became difficult to maintain the current app that had been created over time by different service providers, the Propel team stepped in. Propel’s objective was to improve the app’s reliability and provide risk management controls to decrease uncertainty.

Reframing the Problem

What initially looked like identifying the best way to redesign data flow architecture soon turned out to be a problem presenting itself with opportunities to make the app more sustainable. Instead of a short-sighted solution, we needed to conceive, develop and build a whole new approach to create genuine stability and certainty for the long-term.

Our approach

While our client conceived the idea for the app, it was our job to turn it into a user-friendly experience. We began streamlining our communications which enabled us both to zero-in on every stage in the process and assess collectively what interventions would bring most value. We broke down the process into four key stages and assessed the challenges at each stage, rather than trying to address it in one chunk. Firstly, we looked at the operating principles and defined processes for infrastructure, network monitoring and data resilience. Next, we looked at interactions and how to maximize experience design in the product architecture, bring automation to support processes and build in management advice. We then looked at ways to provide greater value to existing users (given the app’s age) by not only introducing features but also making the app lighter.

The skills we brought to the table

Our comprehensive grasp of user-experience dynamics was crucial in this case, allowing us to fully analyse the interface, its value adds, and enhancements potential. We also used our natural curiosity and explorer attitude to reduce the app to its bare essentials and prevent catastrophic failures. In all, the long, iterative processes, the deep discussions about what could be done better, and refining the solution until we were completely convinced it was the most optimal were true moments of synergy where we not only rallied as a joint team with our client, but also genuinely enhanced our collective know-how and optimised for a solution that created genuine value beyond just a fix.