We help you navigate and solve the challenges of speed, efficiency and user-friendly processes that will live up to the demands of your customers along every step of the supply chain and customer journey. We approach this ever-changing landscape with a highly agile and intuitive mindset, embracing the complexities of siloed legacy systems, website navigation, integrated payment systems, lack of single source of truth customer management, etc. to build and manage efficiencies at every step of the way.

Our technology consultants are experienced in B2C, B2B, Cloud and multi-tenant SaaS systems, and can leverage their technical and industry knowledge to provide platform and product consulting. We partner with you to iterate, reframe, research, identify, and design solutions that delight customers and grow brand reputation. Our approach includes:

Seamless integration of systems by re-engineering legacy systems

We craft solutions that will integrate inventory, customer service, sales and payment gateways to offer a seamless transition between channels. We leverage existing systems and recommend meaningful user-centric solutions to integrate and evolve them to best suit your needs.

Design/redesign website, mobile apps

Our fully integrated design approach optimizes the navigation, speed, performance and aesthetics of your web and mobile applications to ensure a user-experience that builds trust, triggers engagement and action, and adds value at every stage. With a wealth of experience in building web and mobile applications, our consultants can maximize impact and efficiency.

Better customer engagement through chatbots

We’ll help you strike the right balance of automation with human-centric approaches, to maximize efficiency without removing the humanity and reduce operating expenses by automating mundane manual tasks.

Building single source of truth

We can work to overcome the explosion of data due to numerous, disjointed sources that leads to overlaps in multiple touchpoints across different timelines. We work to increase the value of data by cleaning it and stitching it together, turning it into insights and action. We’ll help you build a data warehouse which serves as a single source of truth that can be used to understand various aspects of the retail process, from inventory management to staff productivity. As a next step towards insight-driven culture, our data analysis team can identify relevant tools and build prescriptive analysis solutions, rather than more traditional descriptive analysis approaches.