We understand the impact of numerous connections between patients, physicians, providers, payers, and prescriptions, and on-going challenge to ensure that reliable data sits at the heart of decision-making processes. Different IT systems and databases across different departments, and internal communications confined to manual interventions compound this further. Data silos are all too common, as are the headaches of different terminologies, stitching them all together and finding the most recent and relevant information. Legacy systems and lack of seamless workflows can also compromise the value and validity of your information. If this sounds all too familiar, we can help manage the volume, velocity and variety of your information, while ensuring that the veracity of the data is maintained – thereby improving your service offering, customer experience and operational efficiency.

We recognize the value of technology solutions that will actually work with you, instead of forcing you to adapt to new processes that disrupt normal workflows. With our design thinking and industry expertise, we can partner, strategize, and offer user-centric solutions that build a truly connected healthcare environment. Our approach includes:

Reengineering legacy systems

With our prior experience and knowledge of the industry, we are able to partner with you to define the approach that caters best to the business needs and pain points. By reframing the problem, focusing on the need, and preserving the relevant parts of existing solutions, we can turn uncertainty into worry-free, fully integrated solutions.

Building single source of truth

We are adept at dismantling silos while protecting data and operations to create a SSOT, enabling businesses to operate on standardized, recent, and relevant data across the organization. Our design thinking and fully integrated partnership approach ensure that data quality, accuracy, and integrity are at the heart of every solution we create.

Automating administrative workflows

We are adept at overcoming excessive administrative burdens by building integrated systems that work together, automating tasks (such as reporting, billing, onboarding, scheduling, etc.) and eliminating redundant tasks, to free up valuable hours for healthcare professionals to enable them to focus their attention where it matters most.

Dashboard analytics

We craft solutions that will enable you to visualize data to understand KPIs and improve operational efficiencies by making better-informed decisions. Unnecessary data cleaning, data transformation and reporting can be eliminated, with streamlined solutions. Simulation scenarios within analytic dashboards and reports, also enables key decision makers to predict trends and plan business strategies.