Media, Sports, and Entertainment

We see the challenges of not having the optimal technology infrastructure plan to help manage, deliver, and monetize your content. There is a need for seamless system integration to offer diverse functionalities and maintain content inventory on platforms. The ever-increasing customer demands for content curation requires turning the past data on viewing experiences into insights. If you are in the sports industry, there are few digital means of managing affiliation packages, membership status and tracking potential members of sports clubs. You can be left with little or no visibility of the crucial information, with it not in one place to help make key business decisions. This is further compounded by complex data ecosystems operating in silos and a lack of visibility of data and other content. We even see difficulties in reusing existing data, the need for a duplication of efforts, misalignment between departments as they are unable to share real-time updates related to the events and operations happening across the world in their organization.

We work to help build central data repositories for real-time tracking of data produced in the organization, optimization of the efforts of the workforce and the gathering of insights from the data to improve services and reveal monetization opportunities. Our approach includes:

Integrated Information System

We create an integrated information system to make data easily accessible to the teams across the organization, creating possibilities such as previewing and reusing existing content without any hassle, and requesting new content. Real-time content updates simplify the day-to-day operations and business strategy within the organization. This enables your business to operate with the most recent and relevant data for decision making.

OTT Application Development

Before the application ideas are brought to life, our data-driven approach enables validation of the concepts and transforms ideas into concrete requirements. With the help of the right technology stack and our full-cycle software engineering services, we bring complex OTT application ideas to fruition. Our technologists build omnichannel applications to suit the multi-faceted needs of your customers. We seamlessly integrate our solution into your application and ensure the delivery of optimal solutions in a timely manner.

Data & Dashboard Analytics

We create rich, engaging data visualizations, identify the underlying trends and help you harness the power of data to reveal insights and facilitate better decision-making. We develop custom dashboards to handle structured or unstructured data to chart out business strategies.

Intranet Application

We help you operate as a truly interconnected organization, enjoying real-time updates, information and events happening across the organization. You can stay connected to other departments for a seamless live-event experience. An internal application helps the members of the organization interact with one another, and access content related to their departments. With our design thinking approach, we leverage the latest technology stack and time-tested methodologies to build customized multi-platform applications for your organization.