Case Studies

Medication Data Analytics Solution


A leading US pharmacy benefit manager wanted to organize their data and provide insights to their hospice clients about their medication management costs, medication wastes and other operational metrics.

Originally, this client had data in silos, causing them months of work coordinating with different teams to fetch data and generate insights. For this challenge, we set about helping them create automated data insight reports by extracting the data from multiple data sources, transforming them to meaningful visualisations that were required by the business team.

Reframing the Problem

We broke the problem down into bite-sized chunks to assess what was causing the complications in the process. Manual reporting was tedious, time-consuming and didn’t cover all clients; existing reporting was limited to a corporate view and was not granular enough to give depth; no scenario-planning was possible as there was no ability to simulate cost and waste variables. Key stakeholders faced constraints due to manual interventions required and had limited view of the entire picture. We saw the problem not as “How do you apply a standard system to automate the process?” but rather “What are the gaps that trigger the setbacks, and how can we create tailored solutions to remedy them?”

Our approach

We created visual representations of the entire process, the calculations involved and the suggested solutions, prototyping and wireframing along the way and working collaboratively to bring everyone onto the same page. Next, we helped them leverage their existing data to reveal all the learning and insights hidden within it.

The skills we brought to the table

Our innate sense of curiosity was essential here, plus our ability to intensely focus, mine for and collate insights from different sources and stakeholders to build the complete picture, and work in an agile and responsive manner.

We created a strong team spirit and collaborative mindset, enabling us to progress through the project stages as partners with our clients, with a shared sense of ownership and success.