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2023 is here and with it begins a new leg of our journey, a quest to make an everlasting mark. Today we launch “Propulsion” our blog to share the lessons we have learned to help fellow knowledge seekers. We encourage all our readers to leverage our learnings and propel yourself to be your best self. We hope that our stories will resonate with you and find value in our offerings.


This raises a new question, what is it that people truly value? connection? intelligence? experience? Innovation? skill?
The answer to the question can be any of them or all of them, but if you think about what makes anything truly valuable, it is timelessness. True value transcends time and reaches beyond ages to inspire people, it connects them and brings them together. From the dawn of society, stories of human perseverance and ingenuity have harnessed this timeless quality. Through Propulsion, we wish to share the stories of our ingenuity, our perseverance, and our experience delivering business software with technology.

Over the last two decades, our team has built numerous business software and pushed the boundaries of what technology can achieve. In 2023, we will continue to build technology that companies love to use, and help our clients deliver exceptional customer experiences. Now, more than ever we are confident with our teams, and culture and we wish to share the same with you.

Raise a glass!

Here’s to hope, growth, and success! We are thrilled to welcome you on this new adventure, and we wish you a happy new year.

Posted on 1 Jan 2023