Empowering Healthcare with Technology: A Journey Beyond Limitations

In the dynamic field of healthcare, understanding clients' wants and needs has become a crucial element for success. As advanced technologies show immense promise in streamlining operations and addressing challenges, it becomes evident that current tools - be it off-the-shelf products, custom solutions, rule-based systems, or complex ML/AI-powered tools - are unable to fully satisfy all client demands.

Empowering Healthcare with Technology A Journey Beyond Limitations

To circumvent this issue, we can leverage creative insight and expertise to navigate and deliver results, bypassing the limitations of current technological tools. The key lies in providing clarity, insight, and innovative solutions based on previous experience gained from operating in the healthcare sector.  

As preparing data for analytics becomes increasingly complex, healthcare professionals working with data need a powerful data transformation tool to minimize the time, and cost of moving data from source systems to data warehouses and make it accessible to Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as software like Tableau or Qlik Sense.  

The way data processing works is relatively clear cut, with the user providing access to data, and allowing the AI-powered BI tool to connect and correlate data to derive information that can potentially streamline the decision-making process. However, understanding the data requires a thorough examination by manual intervention, at the ground level, and interviews with business users, as there remain possibilities for human error to correct, and prepare them ready for processing by a customized software system.   

Customized software solutions enable easier comprehension of current data to executives, and the creation of predictive analysis by employing past data, and incorporating multiple variables, to model out future trends. This approach aids in assessing current strategies while also mapping out future plans effectively.  

One key outcome achieved is the streamlining of the administrative process, which has long been a burden for healthcare providers. Embracing tech-based software solutions drastically alleviates such burdens with systems in place like automated billing, patient scheduling, AI-powered administrative assistants, and so on. 

Data integration is also of great importance here to understand the client’s specific needs and offer solutions, like cloud-based platforms, or customized predictive models, to enhance workflow efficiency, and allow healthcare organizations to shift their focus towards delivering better patient care. Cloud-based platforms store information in a centralized data storage system to facilitate secure access for authorized personnel anytime, and anywhere. The accessibility of patient records, and other information, can drive operational efficiency and reduce errors associated with manual record keeping.  

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, so do client needs. In recent times, the efficiency and financial viability of traditional healthcare services have faced scrutiny: escalating industry costs, exacerbated by inflation, saturated markets, insurance coverage issues, and labor and supply shortages. Tech-based solutions offer promise through the automation of administrative tasks, cutting down on manual labor, and minimizing errors.  

“The healthcare industry is being rewired across the entire patient journey. . . The intersection of healthcare with the digital sector is accelerating this transformation. The pandemic acted as a catalyst, making people more fluent in using digital technologies and more receptive to virtual engagement.” 

- Lidia Fonseca, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Pfizer in “How digital helps a life sciences leader move at light speed.”  

Ultimately, in a technology-driven world, adopting a more software-oriented approach is an imperative for survival, but by learning to use them effectively, and working around their limitations, one can position oneself up for success.  

With a successful track record of working with leading healthcare providers in US healthcare and other related industries, alongside professionals with over 20 years of experience, we at Propel understand healthcare provider problems, and offer customized software solutions, so you can deliver better personalized patient care, maximize value for patients, at the optimal cost.

Posted on 17 Oct 2023